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His fame lies in its harmonious proportions, especially from the outside, where the massing of the various horizontal parts, in contrast to the vertical from the top make it one of the most famous architectural compositions of the middle ages. Characteristic of this period of Gothic is elaborate lierne vaulting in which the main ribs are connected by intermediate ribs which do not spring from the wall and so are not major structural members. The Central tower is the tallest in England and is visible for many miles, as it rises in spectacular fashion from a high hill. They include churches, five large medieval monastery, established as new cathedrals under Henry VIII: Bristol, Chester, Gloucester, Oxford and Peterborough. To this end, cathedrals have usually used a series of small chapels for private devotion or for small groups. It is also, in General, in the main Church, a raised pulpit from which the Dean or other spiritual Scriptures can now.. It is also the largest of the 14th century, the Church tower is not built, the tallest ashlar masonry spire (as against the openwork spires of Germany and France), and the highest tower in the world, in the remains from the Medieval time, has been completely restored. In addition, the development of tithe as a compulsory tax on agricultural production resulted in greatly increased income for the established clergy


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Architecture of the medieval

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  • At its Western end it contains the font for the ritual washing, baptism, when a person, usually a child, symbolic inclusion in the Church.
  • The Perpendicular style, which relies on a network of intersecting mullions and cross-beams, instead of relying on a diversity of richly carved forms for effect, gives an overall impression of great unity, in which the structure of the vast Windows of both clerestory and East end are integrated with the arcades below and the vault above.
  • In the early middle ages, the altar is always included, or was in connection with the relics of the saints.
  • This was the development of fan-vaulting, first of all, in about 1370 in the cloisters of Gloucester, then in the retro-choir at Peterborough in the early 15th century..
  • The whole Cathedral was complete by 1380, and the subsequent inclusion of the note, the gain of the vaults and the tower was when one of the piers on a curve.
  • Seats are available for the other significant clergy of the Cathedral: the dean, especially of the priests at the Cathedral, the precentor, sacristan, archdeacon and canons.
  • But the Western front is now Perpendicular, with its huge window filled with fragments of medieval glass.
  • The exterior, apart from the modified windows, gives the impression of a massive Norman building and indeed, it is the longest medieval Church in the world.

These cathedrals of Canterbury, Carlisle, Durham, Ely, Norwich, Rochester, Winchester and Worcester. Although all cathedrals are collected from the donations of the faithful and pilgrims; in practice, an important building-were campaigns largely, or entirely, financed from the accumulated wealth of the Bishop and the Chapter clergy.

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Many of the cathedrals have major parts in the Geometric style of the mid 13 to early 14th centuries, including much of Lincoln, Lichfield, and the choir of Ely, and the Chapter houses of Salisbury, and Southwell. The style proved very adaptable and continued with variations in the naves of Canterbury and Winchester, and in the choir of York.. In 597 Pope Gregory sent Augustine as a missionary from Rome to Canterbury, where a Church was built and initially run by secular canons, then Benedictine monks from the late Saxon period up to 1540. All the medieval cathedrals in England, with the exception of Salisbury, Lichfield and wells, the evidence of Norman architecture. It is famous for its Norman crypt and for its circular Chapter house, the the model, from which the series derives clearly from British polygonal Chapter houses. The last four cathedrals, all of which have, for various reasons, either have no medieval nave or just a few bays.

  • The Cathedral, whether of the monastic and secular Foundation, often has several clearly defined subsidiary of buildings, especially the Chapter hall and the cloister.
  • The nave of Winchester, gives an impression of height as well as length, but at 24 m (78 ft), it is half the height of Beauvais.
  • Salisbury Cathedral is the most important example of this style, which is also seen wells and Worcester, at the Eastern arms of Canterbury, Hereford and Southwark, and the transepts of York.
  • The Bishop’s chair is in the direction of the Eastern end of the Cathedral, near the high altar, the focus of the worship service.
  • Peterborough, Durham and Norwich remain for the greater part Norman buildings, while many others there are substantial parts of the building in the Norman style, as the vessels of Ely, Gloucester and Southwell, and the transepts at Winchester.
  • The remains of the Norman crypt indicate that the older building must have been as massive and ornamental in architecture as Durham.
  • The grey tower of the Church of Norwich increases dropped out of his city to be a focus of the Norwich School of landscape painters.
  • The nave is very fine, and the lady chapel apse, with very high Windows, giving a rather French impression.

Salisbury Cathedral took 160 years, from its roots in 1220 at the top of its massive tower in 1380.

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